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Costa Rica
No Capital Gains Tax in Costa Rica has been fueling prominent growth in Costa Rica.  Contact Us for FREE information about Costa Rica.

Booming real estate market for retirement.  Panama is a tax free shelter. 

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About IREAB.Org Membership


bullet IREAB.Org is currently compiling a registry of International Real Estate Members that consists of like minded organizations and individuals who wish to register with IREAB in an effort to network with members and receive privileged information regarding the latest International Real Estate Market Reports and Trends.


bullet IREAB.Org's joint venture with RealEstateAds4Free.Com allows all Real Estate Developers and Realtors who use either IREAB.Org's web site or RealEstateAds4Free.Com's web site to automatically apply for a FREE Membership.  If you register for a membership with either web site you will automatically be eligible for free advertising in an annual IREAB.Org Directory!  Those of you who are seeking to become members to RealEstateAds4Free.com's program must visit their site and enroll into the program.  (http://www.RealEstateAds4Free.com)


bullet Neither IREAB.Org or RealEstateAds4Free.com will sell Member's contact information to another party.  However, members will receive FREE advertising in an annual IREAB.Org Directory that can be purchased via IREAB.Org and Amazon.com by the general public (similar to a phone book). 


bullet The Annual IREAB Directory will not be free but your advertising within the directory will be free.
Apply for Membership
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About the IREAB.Org's Annual Global Registry
bullet Members will be listed by Category and Country.  IREAB.Org encourages the following professionals and companies to register as an IREAB.Org Member:


bullet Real Estate Developers
bullet International Real Estate Development Companies
bullet International Real Estate Brokers
bullet International Real Estate Agents
bullet International Real Estate Property Owners
bullet International Trust, Title, and Mortgage Companies
bullet International Law Firms
bullet International Property Insurance Companies
bullet International Lending Companies
bullet International Real Estate Consulting Companies
bullet Architect & Design Companies
bullet Civil Engineering and Construction Companies
bullet International Real Estate Leasing & Management Companies
bullet Finance & Investment Companies


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