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Costa Rica
No Capital Gains Tax in Costa Rica has been fueling prominent growth in Costa Rica.  Contact Us for FREE information about Costa Rica.

Booming real estate market for retirement.  Panama is a tax free shelter. 

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A Registered IREAB Advisor is someone who is an exceptional professional and will be provided with constant extended education and privileged information regarding International Real Estate Opportunities.  Ultimately, IREAB Advisors are considered to be the leading authority on the topic of International Real Estate as an investment, acquisition or for personal use for a 2nd home, vacation home or for retirement.

Only Registered IREAB Advisors are provided with access to the world’s largest International Real Estate Referral Program.  IREAB Advisors do NOT need to have a Real Estate License.  Real Estate closings will be executed outside the United States via title companies, trust companies, real estate attorneys, etc. 

IREAB reserves the right to not accept any candidate as an IREAB Advisor if the candidate does not meet the necessary IREAB requisites.  IREAB Advisor Applications are reviewed by a committee of IREAB Chairmen every Wednesday of every week.

Annual Membership Fee: $500.00 USD

Note: $500.00 fee is an Annual Membership Fee.  IREAB uses membership fees to organize information into marketing material, to advertise IREAB in national and international ad campaigns and to pay for new Advisor’s business cards. 

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